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1st February 2015.Watch Dogs modding   
The plugin for Watch Dogs models have been in a works for a pretty long time and was released few weeks ago. It was generally aimed to vehicles editing but has faced some obstacles related to physics. I have made a quick test conversion of the vehicle and was generally satisfied with the possible conversion abilities even though certain limitations apply.

On the other hand of this work, the character model support was a pretty competitive task as it involved deep changes in ZModeler itself. The previous release of 3.0.9 was the implementation of these hidden improvements that were not used before. Now, these features are in use and let me import and export character models utilizing up to 6 bones weights and using a skeleton with 400+ bones. The test model was the Watch Dogs Aiden character and the attached image is the test export I've made. It shows a geometry fragment replacement running with a newly-generated materials (even thought it uses original textures). However, the limitation applies here too: some geometry fragments are above my knowledge of in-game physics and collision math so I haven't sorted them out. Even thought I did explored the layout of data, it does not line up with purpose and meaning of everything I see there. It was a pretty big piece of work to be abandoned like NFS Most Wanted 2 filter and, to be honest, I've moved too close to complete model format research, so I decided to include character import/export feature in the filter too.

This was made in a rough way that I don't like at all, but it's all I could offer to the moment: the imported model will get unknown data fragments saved as files and these files are needed on export to recreate unknown fragments. These fragments should be used all together, but I've split them into three files as these are a different entities. If I find the time and/or someone wish to try to explore them, I'll post these blocks format specification on forum.

So, technically it could be said that Ubisoft Disrupt engine is moddable and XBG models are possible to import/export. Vehicle and character models are supported, but some physics-related limitations apply.

It might take a long time for me to write detailed docs and guides, so you can start exploring or modding on your own. Feel free to post in related subforum when any questions arise, I'll be glad to answer and help you mod the game.
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Submitted on 8th December 2021
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