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24th January 2014.ZModeler3 Localization   
This feature was available in ZModeler2 and is now ported into ZModeler3 to allow create and install your own localization for UI. As the base implementation or a template for another language packs, a Russian localization is provided. Since certain UI features are bounded to UI names, a specific installation of the language pack is required. First of all, you should backup your ZModeler3_profile.xml file, since it contains all your proffered settings, this is very similar to upgrading a version of ZModeler. Installing a language pack will overwrite some settings to predefined, so layout and size of certain dialog windows will change. Also, default hot-keys will get assigned when language is installed. Note, language pack comes with an installation XML script that is copied into Install folder. The script will do all the work, so if you change language to default and will try to revert back to some localization, a respective localization script should be placed into Install folder. This is not a must, everything will work without installation, but you will miss predefined hot-keys and dialogs layout.

You can download Russian localization using this link. A readme.txt file is shipped with an explanation how another custom localizations could be created. Contents of a download ZIP file should be extracted into ZModeler folder (files are includes in two folders: Language and Install). Your ZModeler3 should be updated first, so it can handle localization properly.
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